Sea Shell Healing

As a mermaid, multi-disciplined holistic therapist and counsellor, I can uniquely offer ‘seashell healing’ with true depth and scope for healing and personal development.  I often combine the shells with crystal healing, reiki and counselling too, if desired.

Perhaps on to one sessions or a pamper party with a twist is in order?

What is Sea Shell Healing?

Shell healing is not practiced much in the UK, even though it’s a most natural form of healing and It      is non-invasive.

It can be used as complimentary therapy in any western medicine and is gentler than Homeopathy, acupuncture and Crystal healing.

Healers use two main categories of shells in their healings –

Radiant energy shells – scallops, cockles and limpets – all have lines that move outward from the centre and are used to release blockages and help us to relax.

Spiral energy shells are those that coil – such as the conch, cowrie, nautilus and abalones – are used to clear pain , much in the same way as crystals.

Shell healers will also lay shells on the body – the motion of the water that shells inherit when in the ocean is recorded, and so the receiver of the energy can feel this constant motion.

Shell healing therapy can benefit people that:

* need balancing and calming
*centring and grounding
*feeling disorientated
*and for general health and wellbeing

Each shell has its own healing property – so in your initial consultation we will find out which shells will benefit you most – so you get the best healing possible.