Hello Sailor…

IMG_6886webI am Rayshell – The Welsh Mermaid.

If you know how to call (and I dare you to do so) you will usually find me on the beautiful North Wales coastline.  I help others experience the joy of being a mermaid – perhaps fulfilling a life long dream of being a mystical beauty or, to feel totally free and empowered in the water. Either way,  I’m here for those landlocked mermaids and mermen alike, who wish to  explore their depths and find their true callings.  To learn the fantasy, myth and lore of the mermaids is a magical journey – whoever you are and whatever your age. Through my love of the sea and sea creatures (especially sea horses!) I adore the liberating feeling of being at one with our oceans, rivers and lakes – being immersed in the water of life.

Which way will the tide take you?

The art of  “Mermaiding” can be as tricky as the nature of Neptune himself and so I have undertaken a great deal of careful study and practice to ensure I am a safe guide to those land-dwellers who wish to dive in. My certificates include: Free Diver: AIDA level 2, Lifeguard, Counsellor, First Aider and Holistic therapist including ‘Seashell Therapy’.


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